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Once you get serious, the divine starts to get serious. You have to be very sober about taking that one step because pretty soon you will be stepping more quickly while the divine will be running full speed towards you.

-lee lozowick

Art of attention (via jessieyoga)

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Playlist: Sounds Like A Long-Distance Relationship


Playlist: Sounds Like A Long-Distance Relationship

Sometimes I like to sit still and close my eyes and I pretend I’m in a convertible with Geneva on the open road, just like Las Vegas. In the morning I wish she could make me coffee, or even just put my tired ass in the passenger seat and take us to Tim Horton’s, just like Nanaimo. I know her in Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Washington. I know her in hotel rooms and in my twin-sized bed, on the…

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Yogis, Musicians, Tumblr-ers!

I’m currently working on a project blending yoga and music, and I could really use some input from other musician/yogis.  Trouble is, I don’t know a whole lot in my area.  If you are a musician or a yogi or a musician/yogi  please get in touch with me via tumblr or twitter (@ornythologyst) and I’ll fill you in with details.  Seriously, any and all feedback will be welcome.  Thanks internet! :D

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